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Champagne Masterclass: Club Tresors de Champagne (Champagne Special Club) 22nd May 2021

About Wine has managed to secure 8 bottles of exceptional champagne from the “Club Tresor de Champagne” – Champagne’s most exclusive label - and is excited to share them with you.

The organisation was founded in 1971 by some of the most respected grower/producer families in Champagne. Initially they were called “Club des Viticulteurs Champenois”, with one common objective: EXCELLENCE.

Today the Club consists of 28 winemakers,  selected  according to the strictest quality standards. They represent many different parts of the Appellation, showcasing diversity in climate, soil and winemaking techniques.

The presentation will include the champagnes of 8 different producers. There will be four wines from the magnificent 2012 vintage, two from 2009 and two from 2007.

This will truly be a unique and very interesting tasting.

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